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Boomkwekerij Jochems van Opstal BV
Kleine Heistraat 2c
4884 ME Wernhout
Tel: 076 5976075
Fax: 076-5971823
Mobile: 06-22248309

Who are we?

Bedrijf Jochems - Van OpstalBoomkwekerij Jochems – van Opstal BV does its utmost to ensure that its products and methods meet the highest possible quality requirements.
In addition to our extensive greenhouses we also have a large state-of-the art warehouse. A large part of the warehouse is use to store and prepare the plants for transport.

Most of our propagation tunnels and greenhouses with underground heating are used to grow Pieris cultivars. We also have a propagation greenhouse that Kas Jochems - Van Opstalcovers an area of ±1000 m2. The Pieris cultivars are potted in 2 and 5 litre pots in the greenhouse and are put out in our container fields in May. Our Pieris cultivars are supplied in 15 different pot sizes.

One half of our 6800 m
2 greenhouse is used to grow Gaultheria procumbens. The other half is used to grow Skimmia.

Our 2000 m2 polytunnel is devoted entirely to Gaultheria procumbens. The pumice-rich soil mix is a stable substrate with optimal drainage.

Werkzaamheden Jochems - Van OpstalPlanten Jochems - Van OpstalOur plants are put out in our 3.5 hectares of container fields. Plants that are susceptible to frost are put out in the last two weeks of May. They are set well apart and are pruned and fertilised with a slow-acting fertiliser so they develop beautifully.